Listen here to music productions of the late Derek J. Mason, a world class guitarist, known by his friends and clients as Derek Mason. Derek was also a skilled multi-instrumentalist who worked passionately as a music producer, composer, arranger, virtual orchestrator and recording engineer. Dearly missed by his friends, family and clients, Derek produced music for independent artists as well as for his own creative fulfillment.

Although Derek Mason was known within his closer music circles for his Progressive Rock guitar wizardry, especially with the rock fusion group, First Aid, he was remarkably skilled in many genres of the guitar: Electric, Acoustic, Flamenco, Rock Fusion and Jazz — on electric, acoustic and nylon string instruments. He was also remarkably good on 5-string bass groove, as well as at drum programming. Derek’s extensive musicality is so evident here in the Song Productions playlist** to the left and in the Instrumentally brilliant Blues & Jazz and Composition pages.

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Derek J. Mason, Guitarist, Vancouver Music Producer

The late Derek J. Mason, Guitarist, Vancouver Music Producer