Listen for free here to the amazing variety of genres Derek Mason produced, for his own artistic expression and for emerging artists. Derek J.F. Mason, known throughout Canada as the accomplished guitarist Derek Mason, was a world class multi-genre musician with a gift for improvisation and artistry in his arrangements. He worked mainly in and around Vancouver, BC, as well as playing solo nylon string guitar for the cruise ship industry. For the last twelve years of his career, Derek applied his extensive gifts passionately as a music producer, composer and arranger who produced for independent artists as well as for his own creative expression. Having passed away on February 15, 2015, Derek Mason is deeply missed by his band-mates, family and friends. Yet, we feel Derek’s presence, and affirm he is very much alive in spirit.

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Derek J. Mason, Guitarist, Vancouver Music Producer

Derek J.F. Mason (November 19, 1955 – February 15, 2015, Guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer

In the 1990’s through 1990’s, Derek Mason was known within his closer music circles for his Progressive Rock guitar. He was a member of the prog rock group First Aid from 1986 through 1991. Reaching far beyond rock, Derek was remarkably skilled in several genres of guitar — New Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, R&B and Roots — on nylon string, electric and acoustic instruments. Derek was also remarkably good on 5-string bass; he had deep groove. Later in Derek’s career, he was deeply involved with virtual orchestration and used his extensive gifts for a variety musical arrangements, some of which you can listen to here on Derek Mason’s official site. He worked with meticulous detail at drum programming when it was needed in productions. Derek was known for having a great ear and was sometimes called a ”wizard” due to his ability to roll off improv lines with grace and beauty as the music called for it. His overall instrumental brilliance is abundantly evident here in the Song Productions playlist* and in the Blues, Jazz & Progressive and Composition collections. Enjoy your listen.

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