Listen here to music productions of the late Derek J. Mason, a world class guitarist and skilled multi-instrumentalist who was based in Vancouver BC. For his last twelve years, Derek Mason worked passionately as a music producer, composer/arranger, virtual orchestration specialist and recording engineer, producing for independent artists as well as for his own creative fulfillment. Derek is dearly missed by his band-mates, family and friends.

In the 1990’s through 1990’s, Derek Mason was known within his closer music circles for his Progressive Rock guitar. That said, he was remarkably skilled in several genres of guitar — New Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, R&B and Roots — on nylon string, electric and acoustic instruments. Derek was also remarkably good on 5-string bass groove, as well as at drum programming. He had a great ear, was a very strong at improvisation, and yet had a remarkable gift for musical arrangements. Derek’s overall instrumental brilliance is so evident here in the Song Productions playlist* and in the Blues & Jazz and Composition pages.

Derek J. Mason, Guitarist, Vancouver Music Producer

The late Derek J. Mason, Guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer

* To select from Derek’s more recent song productions, find the music player by scrolling on your mobile device or via the sidebar on a computer. The playlist on this page is focused on vocal artists backed up with outstanding instrumental artistry. Find more playlists in the menu links. Enjoy.

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** Songs marked with a double asterisk after the artist’s name indicate that the original vocal and guitar recordings were done offsite by the artist who later had Derek Mason do more artist recording, compilations and final mixing in his production studio.